Ah #sfnBanter.Where online blogging/tweeting personalities are thrown together with free drinks and food. The brain child of @Doc_Becca, hosted this year by the social queen herself and @Neuropolarbear (who I didn't get the chance to meet) was a success, if you equate a large number of individuals in a designated space as a measure of … Continue reading #sfnBANTER12

#SFN12 Day 3

Day three of SFN. Nanosymposium in Hedonic/Reward Circuits and Feeding Mechanisms 1. How could you not go to a series of talks named that?!?! I loved the entire series. But man it was fast! I say either give them more time or tell the speakers to limit their knowledge bombs down to a reasonable number... … Continue reading #SFN12 Day 3

Pep Talk

Neuroloves, You know that feeling where you need to be in more then one place at once? That has happened to me repeatedly at #sfn12, talks that are schedualed at the same time, superstar lectures at the same time as their lab's superstar posters..It's rough just trying to make decisions. I'm pretty decisive when it … Continue reading Pep Talk

SFN day 2

My neuroloves, SFN day 2 started off right! Perfect coffee, semi-perfect run and just the right amount of healing of the blisters. My morning was spent in a Nanosymposium : Matter of life and death: Establishing and Maintaining in Brain & Behavior throughout the life span. All the talks within this block were simply awesome. … Continue reading SFN day 2