Welcome to Neurobites! We are two labmates (Rim & Harry), who are doing their PhD. ‘s, studying different aspects of Neuroscience. Aside from our slight obsession with anything brain related, we have little else in common.
Rim introducing Harry:
A classical scientist (very much a Maverick) , stuck in a modern time, Harry investigates and is interested in the most minuet details of science. His craving for science, transcends protocols, lab manuals and physical restraints and can only be satiated by the inquiry of knowledge. His love and fascination of science is nothing short of infectious.
Harry introducing Rim:
A blur of activity, Rim is probably actually two or three people who have carefully coordinated their innumerable activities in- and outside of the lab to appear as one (somewhat) coherent entity.  She is equally at home on the lab bench as she is constructing a runway, and has probably logged more miles on OC Transpo than many drivers.



  1. Great blog – love it!

  2. Hi! I got a tweet that you wanted press access to our journal. Send me an email and I will get you all set up!

  3. These introductions are hilarious! Harry really nailed it on the head when introducing Rim. 😉

  4. Rim and Harry, if you guys could email me back that would be great. I’m trying to extend an invitation to your both for a guest blogger spot over at Scientopia. genrepair at gmail dot com

  5. I

  6. I loved that course

  7. Goodtime Rim!
    I’d like to have your email address for further information etc. Have to wake up my circadian now meaning go to sleep. We have to find my brain first!😅⚗️🔬

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