Hello Neuroloves!

Life happened and the space was neglected for years.  But I will be doing my best to revive it and introduce new styles of science communication. If you’ve been here for awhile, thank you so much for your support and patience! I promise I will try to make it up to you. If you are new, welcome! Get comfortable and let’s get nerdy together!

My goal is create a space where I can share my excitement, rants and fascination with all things neuroscience. My goal is that this space will be a place where everyone can learn and get nerdy with me.

I will ask for your patience while I figure out how this space will mature and grow. I’m working on a couple of cool things that will come in the next few months! GET HYPE.

The inception of this blog was the brain child of both myself and my labmate, Harry. At the time we were both bumbling PhD. students, super excited and downright obsessed with anything brain related. Harry was, and is to this very day, the strangest person I have ever met. He remains one of my favourite humans. I’ve kept his posts on the site because I wanted everyone to get a chance to see what I was dealing with on a daily basis back then.  His love of science knows no bounds and I’m hoping (aka I will be harassing him) to do a guest post from time to time!







7 thoughts on “About

  1. Rim and Harry, if you guys could email me back that would be great. I’m trying to extend an invitation to your both for a guest blogger spot over at Scientopia. genrepair at gmail dot com

  2. Goodtime Rim!
    I’d like to have your email address for further information etc. Have to wake up my circadian now meaning go to sleep. We have to find my brain first!😅⚗️🔬

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