Neuroloves, welcome.

Full disclosure, I tried writing this page more then a few times. I’m slightly concerned with how much I enjoyed writing about myself in the third person.. So we won’t be doing that.

So, hi!


My name is Rim and I am a science fiend. I loved doing science, reading about science, talking about science (I do this ALOT) and writing about science. I’ve completed a PhD. in Neuroscience where I investigated the manipulation of metabolic profiles (food time and/or type of food presented) on circadian rhythms (light/dark cycles) and how ghrelin (a hormone that basically tells your body you are ready to chow down) plays a role in that relationship. I loved being in the lab but I couldn’t see myself doing a post-doc (I tapped out for more school.. for now).


I am currently a Senior Analyst (think a data scientist + a knowledge broker) working with Mental Health and Addiction hospitalization data. I’m also a community worker, I’ve been working with at-risk, low-income and immigrant communities for over 15 years. I design and implement demographically aware programs, workshops and activities that address issues such as diversity, systematic racism, third culture diaspora and sexual orientation.

Aside from my love of science and all things community development, I also love carbs, dancing (aka awkwardly bopping around), powerlifting (your girl can move some weight), talking to strangers and learning new things.

I’m so excited I’ve finally stopped procrastinating and I’m here, doing this thing. Thank you for coming on this journey with me!