We keep doing this to you..We are here, then we’re not. We promise and we break those promises..We are terrible human beings, but then again we are grad students..Therefore WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY OF OUR ACTIONS!

I should probably mention we blogged at Scientopia a few weeks back about heartbreak (we are romantics)  and I ranted about Women in Stem ..Sci hooked us up cause she’s a queen 😉  It was all very exciting! We might be doing it again in a couple of weeks, but this time I will give you guys a heads up.

Another piece of news we need to share with you is with regards to us. Harry is breaking up with us….It’s not us, I assure you, its him… Harry has decided to take a “sabbatical” from blogging for an indeterminate amount of time. His words not mine. Now, you may be concerned that perhaps I did something to Harry or that he has met his untimely demise… Rest assured. I have provided photographic evidence that he is alive well, albeit slightly disheveled. 


I know you are all heartbroken and will miss his long winded, pompous, scientifically dense posts..But I promise I will bring him back, not necessarily willingly, but he will be back. I am just giving him the illusion of choice;) So for the time being it’s just me and you guys. 

Next post up on Sunday! Neurobiology of Food Addiction!!

Stay awesome!



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