#SFN12 Wrap up

This wrap up should have been posted up weeks and weeks ago. Apparently there is this nifty little feature on wordpress that the blogger puts in the date of the post, if they want to post it at a later date. … I had set it on Oct.23 2013. That’s right folks. 2013.  Hot mess. I guess this feature is for bloggers who actually have posts done weeks in advance….

Ahahahahahahahhahah Too cute.
Right. Well. Moving right along, please enjoy the final post of SFN and New Orleans.

AH. The talks & nanosymposiums that I wish I had a clone to go to at #sfn12 (agian, bioengineers. Get on it please)
If you guys have run across a blogger who had covered any of these talks or an article please let me know puh-lease 🙂

1) The Impact of Neuroscience on Society: The Neuroethics of ‘Smart Drugs’
B. J. SAHAKIAN; Dept Of Psychiatry, Univ. of Cambridge, United Kingdom, Cambridge, United Kingdom 
2) My Life as a Rolling Neurological ClinicC. CLOSE; Chuck Close Studio, New York, NY —-> Talk on the SFN youtube channel:)
3) Fred Kavli Public Symposium – The Societal Impact and Biology of the Overt and Hidden Dysfunctions Resulting From Traumatic Traumatic Brain Injuries.
ALL the talks in this symposium, concussions and I used to be pretty close in high school. Thanks alot rugby.
4) The Neural Basis of Consciousness: Recent Advances and Breakthroughs.Minisymposium
5) Integrative Approaches Utilizing Oxytocin To Enhance Prosocial Behavior: From Animal and Human Social Behavior to Autistic Social Dysfunction.Minisymposium
6) Measuring the Dynamics of Neural Circuits in Awake, Behaving Humans: Functional Connectivity Analyses of fMRI Data.Minisymposium
7)Dissection of CNS Circuitry Regulating Sleep and Arousal: Conditional Transgenics and Genetically Engineered Receptor-Channel Systems.Minisymposium
8)Neural Mechanisms of Reward, Motivation and Impulsivity.Nanosymposium
9) Early Life Stress and Behavioral Development.Nanosymposium
10) Nanotechnology.Nanosymposium
11) Stress Systems in Addiction and Affective Disorders.Nanosymposium
12) Emotion: Neural Mechanisms of Regulation.Nanosymposium
13) Brain Trauma: Animal Models and Human Studies I.Nanosymposium

Obviously SFN should just make the conference longer and the times more reasonable for me. They should take into account my eating habits & my roaming aimlessly patterns.

I’ve already told you guys how much I LOVED New Orleans people. I am now convinced that there is something in the water, while the locals kept warning me that I eventually will get someone who was rude,or surly or snobby…  I am gleeful to report that for 8 days and talking to tens and tens of people daily, every.single.one.of.them.was. AWESOME.

Therefore it is concluded that New Orleans is doing something right with not only raising gentalmen (opening my own doors when I got home was SO annoying) but also keeping such a “cool as a cucumber” phenotype 🙂 I’m a fan.

The majority of the people that I spoke to, we were never formally introduced. But there were a couple that I just have to mention

Clare from Merchant –> Merchant is a cafe located on 800 Common St. In the business district. A cute European style cafe serving coffee, wine, gourmet sandwichs & crepes. If you’re an architchture lover like me you will love the layout of this place.This is where I did all my Policy class readings, majority of the blog posts and had coffee. And it was some damn good coffee. I got custom made crepes (see previous NOLA post for proof, it was more delicious then it looks) I got the gossip of the area and I felt like I was at home. I think I pretty much met everyone who works there,  and I can guarantee that every single one them is lovely. I actually did an interview with Clare before I left, all about how the cafe came to be and how she came to work but my tablet naturally decided to reformat itself. Next time I’m writing things on paper. Anyway, I simply adored Clare, she was so sweet when dealing with crazy sleep deprived Rim 😉

Trevor Maron street artist — > I met Trevor during one of my walks back from beingets (yes we have already established I had/have a problem) he had his art just casually leaning agianst the fence of Jackson Square. If you want to see Southern Charm at its best, Please Please go to talk him. He is not only beautiful and charming but his passion about art and life is absolutely addictive. He has an extremely distinctive style, and the way he talks about his characters within his work is as if he has spoken to them himself.

He painted the above seemlessly while chatting with me. Unreal.

I think it’s safe to assume that New Orleans left quite an impression on me. I’m already thinking of going back 🙂

Next post coming right up, The Adolescent Brain!!

As always stay nerdfabulous,


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