#SFN12 Day 4 & Day 5

Lovers, Day 4 of SFN started bright and early, one last run through the streets of the French Quarter, a quick stop in, at what became as my favorite coffee spot (more on that in the final post of of NOLA). Then off to the conference centre.

The day’s Nanosymposium was called

Mood Disorders: Stress and Animal Models of Depression

Another session full of presentations from labs that I ogle/stalk and love:)! Some of the talks that I really enjoyed, I won’t go into details of each of the talks, since alot of them run within the same field that I am therefore, I don’t want to unleash the GEEK Rim on you. Trust me, shes a terrifying creature. So just the titles and the presenter, if you like one topic more then the other and want to talk about it with background, let me know! You have been warned;)

β2-subunit containing nicotinic receptors in the amygdala-prefrontal cortex axis mediate stress-resilience and depression-like behaviors in mice Presented by Y. S. Mineur

Vulnerability to chronic social stress and its association with cocaine-related behaviors in female rats Presented by A. SHIMAMOTO

Animals exhibiting strong dominant and submissive phenotypes as models of personality and mood disorders  Presented by A. PINHASOV

Dietary supplementation with DHA improves depression-like behaviors that emerge during puberty.Presented by M. J. WEISER

Role of deltaFosB in the prefrontal cortex in CCK responses and vulnerability to stress Presented by V. F. VIALOU

After harrassing people on the poster floor, I spent the afternoon doing homework (sad state of affairs I tell ya).

SooooOooOooO about #SFN12 day 5... There were talks that I wanted to go too, posters I wanted to see..However, I made the decision to join my lab on a swamp tour. During #sfn11 I attended the majority of the talks, and posters on my itenerary..So I didn’t get to experiance Washington much at all,although I did get a chance to spend a couple of hours at the National Geographic headquarters (HIRE ME HIRE ME!!!).  I decided to follow the advice of many veterans of SfN and actually enjoy the city I’m in and do social things with you know..people.. So I did.  We saw alligators! Alligators who love marshmellows!!

This is Drew, he was getting acquainted with Harry while I was tweeting;)

After the tour I made a mad dash through the French Quarter for last minute gifts, then off to the airport!

The conference was fantastic the city unreal and the people on both fronts were incredible. There were some talks that I didn’t get to go to due to schedualling or the fact that I was making friends with gators. I’ll be making a separate post talking about the talks I wish I’d seen and another one just summing up the experience in NOLA:)

As always

Stay neurofabulous



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