Ah #sfnBanter.

Where online blogging/tweeting personalities are thrown together with free drinks and food. The brain child of @Doc_Becca, hosted this year by the social queen herself and @Neuropolarbear (who I didn’t get the chance to meet) was a success, if you equate a large number of individuals in a designated space as a measure of success for a party.

We blogged about #sfnBanter last year in Washington, you remember, how Harry convinced me that the best way to meet people at a party was to simply be a wall flower (why do I even listen to him is besides me). Lucky for him Doc_Becca took pity on the likes of us and introduced us to people..

This year went a little differently.

First of all. I was abandoned by Harry. Really there is no other way to put it. You may have noticed a post he put up last week brushing off this incident by saying he was supporting our lab member who won a travel award (we are all very proud of him, the kid is going places). Never mind that there were at least 9 other people who were there supporting him… I did tell him he can go, but he should have insisted on coming with me, that’s what teammates are for..The jerk.

Moving right along..

I ended up sauntering over to the #sfnBanter meeting place by my onesies, no biggie I’m an adult (let me just have this one k?) I can mingle and be social with other adults. And I did. Thank the lord that Neuroscientists are a social group, or at least become more social as drinks are being ingested.

I reconnected with some awesome people (@Doc_Becca, @Scicurious, @Katysukel) I also had the pleasure of meeting some new neuroloves the following are their twitter names & blogs if they blog:)

@astroglia  http://psychneuro.wordpress.com  

@jsnsndr  http://www.functionalneurogenesis.com/blog

@babyattachmode http://babyattachmode.blogspot.com

@bam294     –> website is unavailable, besides I think it’s just a manual for torturing people:P

@gretyz    http://scientopia.org/blogs/gertyz

@scitrigrrl    –> who may be too cool for blogging..

@mikaelmitchell –> Who works for the dudes who were footing the tab Frontiers

@doc_becca          http://scientopia.org/blogs/drbecca/ 

@neuropolarbear     http://scientopia.org/blogs/neuropolarbear

@scicurious            http://scientopia.org/blogs/scicurious/  

I hope I didn’t forget anyone, please let me know! I am typing this while trying to finish my Policy Presentation on Nanomaterials..Don’t ask..Really just don’t.

Oh and like last year I spotted  ( @mocost , @noahWG, & @bradleyvoytek) but rather then be a normal person and go introduce myself I simply creeped them then just chickened out. I used to be so brave, I think grad school has made me into a coward or worse yet turned me shy..ugh..

I think that next year we should have nametags, everyone knows who we are, we are not exactly using mysterious pseudo’s and our pics are up..But for those who do go incognito online, I think you should have nametags that can just have a sticker picture of your avatar..I am going to purpose this to Doc-Becca..

All in all, it was great fun meeting the people who you love/creep online in person!

Can’t wait for next year:)!

Stay neurofabulous lovers,


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