#SFN12 Day 3

Day three of SFN.
Nanosymposium in Hedonic/Reward Circuits and Feeding Mechanisms 1.
How could you not go to a series of talks named that?!?! I loved the entire series.
But man it was fast!
I say either give them more time or tell the speakers to limit their knowledge bombs down to a reasonable number…
A highlight of the talks that I really enjoyed;

Divergent circuitry underlying food reward and intake effects of ghrelin: dopaminergic VTA-accumbens projection mediates ghrelin’s effect on food reward but not food intake. Presented by K.P. Skibicka  –> Yes I know the title has ghrelin in it and yes it was one of the main reasons I wanted to go see it..I am biased.
The series of studies presented attempted at investigating the role of ghrelin in a motivational aspect, as in how hard would the animals would be willing to work for sugar water. They looked at the VTA and the NaC, desrcribing the responses that these areas exhibited in relation to the experimental design.

Obesity alters dopamine reward system: Importance of critical developmental periods and sex differences. Presented by J.Carlin
This talk was focused on the exposure of High fat, low carb diet to the experimental subjects at different timepoints of their life span.What was cool and relevent about these studies that both genders were looked at. They found that dopamine gene recovery is depedent on sex, brain region and time of high fat diet exposure.

There was one other talk that completely took me by surprise as to how much I enjoyed it, it was  Sensing satiety in the fruit fly brain . Presented by A.-H. POOL. Usually I’m not an insect person, and by usually I mean I never read any research done on insects or that field. However, after this presentation I might start doing so. I’m thinking a special blog post about this topic once I hunt (i.e. email) down this dude and grill him about his research. It’s pretty cool stuff! He basically was looking for what neurons within the fruit fly was required for sensing satiety. More on this topic in another post.

Finally, that afternoon I had every intention of covering the Larry Abbott special talk, however, enviorment situations prevented that.
The guys sitting behind me wouldn’t stop talking, I tried smiling at them, glaring, telling them to please use their presentation voices ie. NOT TALK.
Nothing worked. I had previously made a concious decision not to drop kick anyone during the meeting, no matter how annoying they were. So I did the polite thing and changed seats.. But alias,  there was a child. What are the chance that a stroller will be placed right beside me at a Neuroscience conference? I thought that chances were pretty slim. The child ,of course, starts crying.  I get up move agian, set up my tablet take out my phone to illuminate the keyboard as it turns on (that hall was super dark) only to have an attendent to scold me for using photography. I blame Apple for making people think PHOTOS when they see an iPhone…
I took all this in philisophically and decided that the universe did not want me to see the lecture, so I just left… I’m sure the Sfn Youtube channel will upload the talk in the coming weeks. I will make sure to link it here. I am such a sucker for computational neuroscience, anything with numbers and bubble diagrams with a million lines with seemingly unnessecarily complex formulas make me happy..

Anyway, I made up the afternoon by harassing more poster presenters:)
As always, stay neurofabulous,


4 thoughts on “#SFN12 Day 3

  1. “The guys sitting behind me wouldn’t stop talking, I tried smiling at them, glaring, telling them to please use their presentation voices ie. NOT TALK.”

    heh, people at conferences are generally pretty good about that – but when it does happen it’s really no good.

  2. They usually are. To make matters worse they were talking in french, so naturally I was dying to know what they were saying. Under normal circumstances I would have chatted with them, but Abbott started talking and they just wouldn’t stop:P

  3. Is this something I can try or for ADHD I’m having such a hard time so any info on what I could take or how I can get this would be much help.sorry if I seem ignorant

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