SFN day 2

My neuroloves,

SFN day 2 started off right! Perfect coffee, semi-perfect run and just the right amount of healing of the blisters.

My morning was spent in a Nanosymposium : Matter of life and death: Establishing and Maintaining in Brain & Behavior throughout the life span. All the talks within this block were simply awesome.

Sam Weiss presented  Hormonal regulation of adult neurogenesis in mate preference and paternity, where he spoke about social interaction behaviour, paternal behaviour and neurogensis
His talk inspired me to write a future post about phermones.

Following him was Nancy Forger whose talk  Creating the sexually differentiated nervous system: hormonal mechanisms of cell death articulated the role of testosterone in both the development and the pruning of the sexually dimorphic brain. She also introduces the Brain Atlas of Cell Death that her post-doc did (his name is Todd Ahren, if you are interested in using his atlas shoot him an email!)

Within this block I developed a serious lady neuroscientist crush on Liisa Galea who spoke about Steroid hormones and hippocampal neurogenesis during pregnancy and motherhood.If you ever get an oppertunity to hear this woman speak, do it. Not only is she charming and articulate, she is hilarous and her science, while terrifying to some (me me me), is actually quite fascinating.

Following lunch I spent the afternoon just chilling in the poster hall. By chilling I mean going around harrassing people and chirping them about their poster colour choices. Our lab dominated the UU section under Nutrient, Hormonal and Metabolic Signals…They looked pretty darn good and I am totally not biased 😉

I also got the oppertunity to be smuggled into the Media Social by the gorgeous Katy Sukel (author of Dirty Minds, shit disturber and generally just an amazeballs person). I had the pleasure of meeting one of our long time follower Di and a lovely reporter named Lauren.

SFN day 2 wrapped up for me with some Public Policy readings then some more Jazz music awesomness on Frenchmen St.  NOLA is becoming a distruption of my circadian rhythms 😛
As always, stay neurofabulous!

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