Pep Talk

You know that feeling where you need to be in more then one place at once? That has happened to me repeatedly at #sfn12, talks that are schedualed at the same time, superstar lectures at the same time as their lab’s superstar posters..It’s rough just trying to make decisions. I’m pretty decisive when it comes to my coffee (black, anything else and you’re just being a princess) and food (I think I’ve mentioned before that my ghrelin levels are out of whack eh?)
Anyway. This weekend I experianced the aforementioned feeling in a big way.

If you follow me on my personal twitter you would already know that I am involved with the Women in Science and Engineering at my University, where this weekend they ran Go Eng Girl, this event consists of workshops for girls & their parents in Engineering. I LOVE these workshops! LOVE LOVE LOVE. If I wasn’t so infatuated with Neuroscience I would be in Engineering in a heartbeat:) So I missed that, cause as ya’ll know I’m in New Orleans..

I’ve also been involved with the coordination of another very different type of event, Ottawa Fashion Week (OFW). I know I know I know. I get alot of weird looks about this one, and to be honest I don’t overtly advertise my involvement with them. Simply because I hate explaining that people don’t need to be interested in just one thing. Anywhooo OFW weekend ran last weekened as well.

Just looking at the photo updates on their respective twitterfeeds/facebook/websites/gloating emails (you know who you are) it made me realize how incredibly lucky I am to be doing what I love with some of the most inspiring people anyone would have the pleasure to meet.

I get alot of flack for doing too much, for being everywhere. People who matter to me may think I lack commitment, that I need to hone my skills in one area since I am a PhD student. They do have legitmate point, I mean at some point your body just say “Baby, I ain’t running another mile no matter how many cupcakes you promise me” (the body sucks that way, engineers where are my super robotic cells that keep going and going?!?!)  I’m trying to work on finding my healthy medium. Eventually;)

I guess what I want to say, without getting unnecessarily emotional (awkwaaaard) , just do you. If you love what you do, the hours that you put in won’t matter, the sacrafices won’t be dwelled on, the criticisms can be brushed aside (after much practice), and the experiances you get will be unmeasurable. Just remeber at the end of the day you live once, it’s your legacy your’re leaving behind. Make it count.

I promise Neuroscience will be in the next post!
Stay ridiculously amazing!

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