An evening with the SfN Travel Award Winners

Good morning friends,

Last night my partner Rim and I utilized the power of teamwork to cover more ground.  The path I chose was the small reception held for winners of the Travel Award, among whom there was one of our own.  The free food and drinks were also biasing me, but I can hardly be faulted for that, can I?

While I had my own selfish reasons for being there, I can’t deny that it’s been rather humbling to be in the presence of so many young folks with so much potential.  I recently attended a small reception for local SfN chapters, and our own Ottawa chapter was again represented.  So many chapters around the world are doing great work, spreading the word of neuroscience across their respective domains.  If you have the opportunity, volunteer for an SfN related event such as brain awareness week, the brain bee, or something of that sort!  You certainly won’t regret it.



2 thoughts on “An evening with the SfN Travel Award Winners

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