Posted by: Neurobites | October 13, 2012

SFN Day 1

Day 1 of SFN started off a bit off centre, three hours of sleep, coffee dropping, registration missing, wrong shoe choice, getting lost, getting found, high levels of ghrelin & cort.


IT got better:)

I registered to “Meet the Expert” who just happened to be Eric Nestler, whose talk Toward a Molecular Psychiatry: Studies of Biological Basis of Addiction and Depression included some personal information and perspectives. Dr.Nestler’s lab has garnered a reputation of being forerunners in the area of in vivo experssion of Addiction and Depression. His funny, humble and honest talk highlighted his and his lab’s work looking at C-FOS and Delta FOS B induction in the Arcuate Nucleus. I love talks like this, where someone who you read, cite & look up too are actually charming, generous and remind you that science isn’t about “proving” a hypothesis rather about “ah-well that’s unexpected” moments. I will be doing an inspired blog post about Dr.Nestler after SFN to do his work justice.

I spent the afternoon in a NanoSymposium Mood Disorders: Animal Models of Stress & Depression. There were defiantly alot of great talks in this block, the ones that I was particularly fond of were
Pubertal shifts in stress reactivity: The Role of  peripheral glands in modulating  neuroendocrince responsiveness. Presented by R.D.Romeo
Adolscent stress interacts with high fructose diet to alter cerebral glucose transporters. Presented by G.N. Neigh

I am really loving the attention on age and gender in these talks. More on them soon!

What I wish I could have also seen was the Dialogue between Neuroscience and Society, My life as a Rolling Neurological Clinic By Chuck Close and the Fred Kavli Public Symposium The Societal Impact and Biology of the Overt and Hidden Dysfunctions Resulting from Traumatic Brain Injury.

That was it for my SFN day. I finished off the day right with beignets from Cafe du Monde 😉

Stay Neurolicious!


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