#SFN12 Day 4 & Day 5

Lovers, Day 4 of SFN started bright and early, one last run through the streets of the French Quarter, a quick stop in, at what became as my favorite coffee spot (more on that in the final post of of NOLA). Then off to the conference centre. The day's Nanosymposium was called Mood Disorders: Stress … Continue reading #SFN12 Day 4 & Day 5



Ah #sfnBanter.Where online blogging/tweeting personalities are thrown together with free drinks and food. The brain child of @Doc_Becca, hosted this year by the social queen herself and @Neuropolarbear (who I didn't get the chance to meet) was a success, if you equate a large number of individuals in a designated space as a measure of … Continue reading #sfnBANTER12

#SFN12 Day 3

Day three of SFN. Nanosymposium in Hedonic/Reward Circuits and Feeding Mechanisms 1. How could you not go to a series of talks named that?!?! I loved the entire series. But man it was fast! I say either give them more time or tell the speakers to limit their knowledge bombs down to a reasonable number... … Continue reading #SFN12 Day 3

Pep Talk

Neuroloves, You know that feeling where you need to be in more then one place at once? That has happened to me repeatedly at #sfn12, talks that are schedualed at the same time, superstar lectures at the same time as their lab's superstar posters..It's rough just trying to make decisions. I'm pretty decisive when it … Continue reading Pep Talk