Posted by: Neurobites | November 16, 2011

#SFN11 Daily Diary Day 4


I hope you guys finished up day 4 of SFN feeling gooooooood! I spent the morning presenting my research on the poster floor:) after knocking down one of the presentation boards and giggling uncontrollably for half an hour:P

During my poster presentation I met some amazing people, people who I read their work and want to marry their brains. One of them was Caroline Escobar. Yes THAT Caroline Escobar. She was NOTHING like I would have expected! Petite, gorgeous, gracious, funny and kind. Legit. She gave me tips on how to improve the study from everything in methodology to how to present my graphs:) It was Awesome:) I was in love:p

After the poster presentation I had rush to women’s luncheon, which was nice:) it’s inspiring to hear the stories, triumphs and tribulations of these insanely talented ladies!

I headed back to check out the posters, and hustled some exhibitors (I’m looking at you JOVE:p)

I finally had the opportunity to check out National Geographic!

How was your day 4?

As always, stay nerd fabulous lovers,


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