Posted by: Neurobites | November 16, 2011

Daily Diary SFN11 Day 5

My Dearest most beloved Neuroloves,

Day 5 of the epic SFN 11. Harry took a well deserved day to actually “see” Washington beyond 7th Street and Independence Ave. He hit up the Aquarium and the Natural History Museum. I on the other had could not bring my self to miss two talks that I just had to go to.

The first one was The Molecular Dissection of Leptin by Dr. Martin Myers. Oft. There are just so many things that were right about this talk I don’t know where to begin or how to do it justice. The best I can do is actually right up an overview post of leptin and review some of his papers. Such a clean, crisp, story teller of a presenter.

The second lecture I attended was the Neurobiology of Mood by Huda Akil. This combined what I love (mental disorders) with something I dislike (genetics:P). Her presentation style was straightforward and clear. I felt like I was getting alot of information but in such a systematic way that it all made sense.

Walking away from the Walter E Convention Center with the sky pouring rain, I felt both a sense of relief and sadness. We will update you guys about our experience, about attending the conference for the first time, getting to blog/tweet about it, and experiencing D.C.

Will update you as soon as we get back home.
Stay nerdfabulous,


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