Posted by: Neurobites | November 15, 2011

#SFN11 Daily Diary Day 3

Day 3. DONE. Oh man was it just packed!! Harry started off his day presenting his research, while I had a full day of lectures to attend

1) In the morning I made my way to the Special Lecture Rapid Synaptic Actions of Estrogens by Dr. Catherine Wooley. This was one of my favourite talks so far. Terrific research of course, and she’s such a cool chill person. I wish she was there at the Perils of Sex differences symposium;)

2) In the late morning I attended the Special Lecture, Protein Synthesis and Degradation at Synapses by Dr. Erin Schuman. Again, great talk but it made me feel that I need to brush up on my protein education 😛

3) In the afternoon, I attended the Symposium Genetically Driven Manipulation of Hypothalamic Circuitry Controlling Behavior. The panel included, Anderson, Sternson, Elmquist, Saper, & Elias. I missed the first talk but out of the ones that I did see, I really really enjoyed the talk by Elmquist and the one by Saper.

After taking some time to eat, get caffeinated I headed over with Harry to #sfnBANTER, a meet up for the neuroscientists that are tweeting and blogging. It was organized by the lovely @doc_becca . It was so surreal to meet people, who we both read,dissect and aspire to be:) It was such a relief to discover how nice they were! As relatively new bloggers and blogging for SFN, we both understand that there are expectations for us to reach within the blogging community. However, we found that the people we met were nothing short of welcoming and sweet. We did spot some bloggers/tweeters that we knew who they were, but neither one of us had the guts to approach them and say hello..

We are both total chickens.
Don’t judge.

But, we did meet some superstars, so a shout out to our now blog homies 😉

Our gorgeous host Doc_Becca
The incomparable & hilarous Scicurious
The beautiful social butterfly Braininteresting
The charming gentleman ThatBS

It was such a pleasure meeting them! GROUP HUG!

Stay neruolicious loves,


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