Posted by: Neurobites | November 14, 2011

#SFN11 Neuroblogging

Hello Neuro loves!
Day 3 of #SFN11 is offically over! Boy was it intense! More about in the Daily Diary coming up in a few hours. During my quick walk through of my highlighted posters, I found a gem of a poster today that was presented in Section C.

Title :
Lithium Ameliorates Neurodegeneration, Suppresses Neuroinflammation and Improved Behavioral Performance in a Mouse Model of Tramatic Brain Injury

Fengshan Yu, Flaubert Tchantchou, Chi-tso Chiu, Yumin Zhang, De-Maw Chaung

The poster highlighted Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) was amongst the leading causes of mortality in developing countries, with no FDA approved pharmaceutical treatment that is currently available. The researchers were investigating the neuroprotective effects of lithium on mouse models of TBI.

NOTE: Tramatic Brain Injuries are those that result from the head suddenly making impact with a heavy object, or when the head is hit with something that causes the skull to collapse inwards.

After inducing TBI via Controlled Cortical Impact (CCI) in their mouse model, the researcher then administered doses of Lithium 15 minutes after the TBI and continued to administer a daily injection for two weeks.

NOTE: Lithium is a drug that is used to treat bi-polar disorder, it has been shown to have robust neuroprotective effects in animal models. It is hypothesized that it works through glycogen synthase kinase- 3 (GSK-3)

The authors found that Lithium treatment significantly reduced tissue damage and hippocampal (dentate gyrus specifically) neurodegeneration after TBI.
Lithium was found to also suppress neuroinflammation and improved functional outcomes (via beam walk performance task). Finally, neuroprotective effects of lithium are likely mediated through GSK-3 inhibition.

This poster has defiantly inspired future blog posts outlining TBI’s, Lithium treatments and the methods used:)

Hope that those who are at SFN are loving it as much as we are, and those who are at home, I hope our blog posts are making you feel as if you are here with us!!

Stay nerdfabulous.



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