Posted by: Neurobites | November 14, 2011

#SFN11 Daily Diary Day 2

Dearest Neurolovers,
Day 2 of SFN seems like ages and ages ago. To kick off the day I spent some quality time with the lovely ladies of my lab at Captiol Hill, where we ran into plenty of SFNers 😉

The first set of talks I attended was The Promise and Peril of Research of Sex Differences, the panel included Lise Eliot,Larry Cahill,Melissa Hines, Janet Hyde, and Maryjane Warga. One word that I would use to summarize it would be interesting. The speakers came from diverse fields, some were not members of SFN. While the presentations seemed overall emphasize the lack of a gender gap, save for Dr. Cahill’s talk, I found something was lacking. Individually all the members were naturally very well versed in their area of expertise. However as a researcher who is studying sex differences I found that I was disagreeing with a lot of what was being said. Needless to say during the question period things got a bit heated up with regards to whether or not sex differences were “relevant” enough to study. Overall it was a fascinating experience.

Right after that I hit up the poster sessions, saw some pretty cool stuff at the optiogenetics section, and met Michael Lehman who I will blog about after SFN:)

I discovered that I have no patience or time to go through the exhibitors for information or swag.. I did get a squishy brain though and an I love brains tote from the lovely people at protientech 🙂

Day 3 has already been crazy. Stay tuned for more updates!

Talk to y’all soon,



  1. Hey Rim! Great blogging! Thanks for doing this, I miss the conference so much this year, its the first time in 4 years I didn’t go!! And, its awesome to find one of the 10 bloggers is someone I know, from my own city! 🙂 Keep up the good work!

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