Posted by: Neurobites | November 13, 2011

SFN 11 Diary Day 1

Hello Neurolovers,

A leisurely hour walk to the conference center (about an hour of me embarrassing Harry by taking pictures and doing a combination of skipping and dancing down the streets of Washington), we arrived to what seemed liked an abnormally large amount of people infront of and surrounding the Washington Convention Center.

After checking out some awesome posters, getting lost, and chatting up the Starbucks barista (she now knows more about ghrelin then she ever needs too) I attended the Fred Kavli Public Symposium The Brain on Trial: Neuroscience and the Law. Hands down some of the most charismatic presenters I have seen 🙂 I have rarely been at a symposium where all the talks were given were so so so well..Engaging…Maybe its just the way the States does neuroscience. Although all four talk were fantastic, the two that I really took alot from, simply due to personal biases, being both a youth worker and more then slightly obsessed with psychopaths (hello Dr.Spencer Reid of Criminal Minds..Call me), were:

Dr. Adrian Raine University of Pennsylvania who spoke about The biology of Violence: Implications for the law.
–His talk pushed you question your ethical and moral values with regards to criminal responsibility in antisocial criminals.

Dr.Abigail Baird of Vassar College talk was titled The Adolescent brain: What can neuroscience offer the criminal system.
–She infused her talk with alot of humor to highlight that adolescents offers its own “critical periods” and the impact that peers have on the adolescent behaviour.
— Not gonna lie..I am totally crushing on her. She was talking and I was falling in love;)

I am so excited for the rest of this week I might not be able to sleep..Ever. 😛

Stay nerdilicious my sweets,

ps. you guys should ask Harry about his horse..Trust me.


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