Posted by: Neurobites | November 11, 2011

First Impressions Washington D.C. #SFN11

Hello Neuroloves!!

After 12 hours, yes 12 HOURS of rough terrain driving ( by rough terrain I mean New York and by driving I mean riding shotgun and making everyone listen to my remixes:P) We are in beautiful Washington D.C.!

Harry and I both are staying with the rest of our lab-mates in a sweet Victorian 6 blocks away from the White House!

We have an intense, yet fun week ahead of us! Be prepared for multiple blog posts a day chronicling science and everything else we can think of:). We want to share our first SFN experience with you, so if you want us to blog about food or random fashion let us know! Seriously.

Harry will be presenting on Monday and I will be talking about my research on Tuesday. For the abstracts and to check out what the rest of our lab is presenting/doing, check out our newly somewhat functional website here:

The overview plan for tomorrow is the following:
Drop by the poster session 66 Anxiety Disorders: Animal Models, to scope up some potential interviews and to soak in the knowledge:)
I will be attending Fred Kavli Public Symposium :The Brain on Trial public lecture.

I leave you with the image of my other gorgeous half, waiting all male like and strong for the cars:)

Talk to you in less the 24 hrs!
Stay Nerdfabulous,

I hope you guys are excited as we are for the accumulation of information we are going to toss back at ya!!


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