Posted by: Neurobites | September 15, 2011

A sheepish apology

My dearest Neurofabulousness,

I know, I know, we have been M.I.A. for an extended period of time, with no
excuses, and quite frankly we have none. Rest assured, Harry is still alive and all his
extremities are accounted for. What can I say? We have been realizing that this PhD.
business is some serious stuff. I mean, you need to work, and research, and write,
and present and all manner of nerdy things. We both have been concentrating on
trying to keep our heads above water.  We did some pretty cool stuff in the time span
that we had been taking a break!

Most coolest, I think, is that we got the opportunity to teach a Mini Neuroscience
Course at our university. Let me tell ya, we both fell heads over heels for these
kids, ages 12-18. Boy, were they ever clever! I didn’t know about anything that
was happening off the soccer field at the age of 12, and Harry was probably taking
apart a computer or something equally geeky. Point being, we both agree that we
were never that smart. It seems a little daunting and more than a little scary to
have the kids be this smart, and to be so young. Anyway, we did that for a week,
we fell in love and it took every ounce of our discipline to not just drop out and be
neuroscience teaching vagabonds..At least it took every ounce of my discipline.

Aside from that we have presented at conferences, individually (we try to limit our
interactions, cause I get a headache from too much Harry and Harry gets confused
with too much Rim), which we loved! We love love love conferences! Its geek
central, a bunch of brilliant people (and us;)) are put together to share ideas and
tell us about their work. We get nerdgasms (new word!) every time we go to one
of these conferences. The next post is actually going to be inspired by one of the
conferences I went to awhile back, and will be about Circadian Rhythms. Sleep in
normal people language, which is something I have been recently quite engrossed

All in all, we want to thank you for your patience, and apologize for our lack of
commitment to you guys. We would like to promise to be more consistent, and we
will try. Really hard!!


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