Circadian Rhythm – Part 1 : The Suprachaismatic Nucleus

My dearest Neuro loves, I will be starting a new series on Circadian Rhythms. I have recently been involved in a number of experiments that were fundamentally involving circadian rhythms. I also had the pleasure of attending a conference in Montreal that featured some of the most prominent circadian researchers; yes I maintained a professional … Continue reading Circadian Rhythm – Part 1 : The Suprachaismatic Nucleus


A sheepish apology

My dearest Neurofabulousness, I know, I know, we have been M.I.A. for an extended period of time, with no excuses, and quite frankly we have none. Rest assured, Harry is still alive and all his extremities are accounted for. What can I say? We have been realizing that this PhD. business is some serious stuff. … Continue reading A sheepish apology