Posted by: Neurobites | March 17, 2011

Sharing about Brain Awareness Week.

My lovely neuro-enthusiasts.

Every year..All around the world. Children are being introduce to the wonderful and mysterious world of the brain. Run largely by power-point presentations and activities that are provided by our dear ol’ Society for Neuroscience and by the Dana Foundation. Presentations cover everything from the fundamentals “need to know” about the brain to the five senses to addictive properties of drugs (the latter is given to the high school students) During this week undergraduate, graduates, and even some overachieving professors go out on the field and interact with children and youth.

I know what you are thinking. Why would you do such a thing?? Is it safe for the university students? What becomes of the children?!?!?

I can assure you that in the past three years I have not witness one child being traumatized. At least not to the extent that a few therapy sessions can’t fix.
Seriously though. These kids are going to take over the world. Both Harry and I have been thoroughly impressed and more then a little intimidated by the sheer knowledge and awesomeness these kids have..

How on earth did they get so smart? Is no one monitoring this progress?
Someone needs to put a cap on the amount of knowledge these kids are getting, at their age I was busy kicking around soccer balls and terrorizing my brothers..Harry was watching Star Trek or Star Wars or something equally stereotypically nerdy.

Anyway, back to our topic at hand. Last week marked the end of Brain Awareness Week in Canada, everywhere else in the world is celebrating it now. Legitimate inquiry, why do Canadian’s have a different Brain Awareness Week?
School yard answer? Cause we can.
Specific answer, our kids have a week off of school, called March Break. So we “celebrate” BAW a week ahead. It’s just how we do it 😉
And we LOVE it!

Brain on Lab

A photo that we won’t get sued over!!! Why? Cause I took it. I know. Artistic.

As always, stay nerdfabulous


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